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Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
how lawmakers are trying to ease concerns about the u.s. economy in the fiscal cliff. >> we are hearing from democrats and republicans in congress about working together, but it remains to be seen whether they will back up the top with action. -- back up the talk wtih action. action. the dow dropped 13,000. it is that it would downgrade the u.s. credit rating if congress does nothing about the so-called fiscal cliff. compromising to be the word of the day on a compromise from leaders on both sides of the ideal. >> it is better to be of that fight. it is better to work together. republican speaker of the house signaled his party may be open to deal that includes higher taxes. to the we are willing to except the revenue under the right conditions. democratic senate majority leader harry reid wonder why the wait? >> i am not for kicking the can down the road. i did we have done up far too much. we know what the issue is, and we need to solve that issue. >> president obama looking ahead to the lame-duck session of congress next week. in washington, hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 news. >
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm EST
flirtatious. >> the economy certainly is not keeping both on this thanksgiving. the latest trouble figures. how employees are fighting back against plans to open thanksgiving night. a plane crash sparked a massive fire in mississippi. what happened moments before the what happened moments before the >> > officials are trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash inside -- into a home last night. and one person escape the house with minor injuries, but it is unknown whether others were inside. officials say three people on the plane died in the crash. just after takeoff the pilot asked for permission to return to the airport. scary moments for a member of the zero well -- orlando magic stunt team. she balop the shoulders of another member of the squad. -- she fell off the shoulders of another member of the squad. she apparently landed head first. it took several minutes to stabilize hurt and get her on to the gurney. she waved to the crowd. she separate three vertebrae fractures and broken ribs but is expected to recover. still to come, the latest retail numbers are out, a
Nov 16, 2012 12:00pm EST
, bringing 40 two $0.2 million into the economy. the city of baltimore received more than $1 million in tax revenue. a local economist considers it a win for baltimore. >> i think it is a fantastic way to display the city's ss to individuals, to a television audience -- assets to individuals, to a television audience. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake said it shows an opportunity for growth ahead. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist and john collins. >> you can see the rain fl -- echo. there might have been a few sprinkles west of the bay. we are fixing that now. to conceive a tobias been in the clouds -- you can see a speed in the clouds. it is pulling out. the clouds are moving east, and we will get our share of sunshine through the afternoon. the left to get the sunshine will be the focus east of the bay. let's see how temperatures are responding. we see mild reading it. gaithersburg about 50. downtown, it be. -- 50. 42 in frederick. 58, east and. 48 on the boardwalk. satellite image, there is that swirl im -- in the cloud of a loosely connected with this
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3